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Before I went to Film School and then Law School…I went to college and majored in Comparative Literature. How indulgent is that?! I spent four years reading books in coffee houses and they gave me a degree for it!

I LOVE to read (good) books. Even now (with three tiny kids), I read A LOT of books. Believe it or not, I mostly read books now on my free Kindle App on my phone when I have a spare second of downtime. It’s not ideal but well, it gets the job done!

I feel so much calmer, centered, and more myself when I take the time to read books that are affirming and uplifting.

If a book makes me feel bad or I’m not enjoying it, I quit when it stops being fun. At this stage of life, if a book doesn’t speak to me, I just don’t have the time to slog through it! Ha!

Here are a few I’m enjoying:



1)     Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption


Okay, without sounding hokey or corney…this book is AH-MAY-ZING!  I dare you not to get swept up in it.  😉  It is the true story of Katie Davis. Here’s what happens (without giving away too much):  Right after she graduated from high school in Tennesse, Katie moved to Uganda.  By the age of 22, she had adopted 13 orphaned girls and started her own school – which educates and feeds thousands of children each day.

If you ever wonder if one person really can change the world, read this book!  It was inspiring to me – so of course I had to tell you about it.  It is one of those books I will go back to and re-read often, I can tell!  🙂




2) Behind the Burly Q: The Story of Burlesque in America


This book is getting a LOT of buzz and nothing could make me happier because it was written by a very good friend of ours!  Mr. M edited the documentary back in the day – and I was so excited when Leslie wrote this book.

No one else has written a book like this before (seriously).  When Leslie was making the movie, it was like a race against time to get the women’s stories to the page and screen before they passed away.  If she did not tell their story, no one would have…can you imagine?

You know, I am not a fan of super racy material  – I couldn’t even bring myself to read 50 Shades of You Know What…  😉  Compared to what we see on TV these days (hello Miley Cyrus VMAs!) – the Burlesque stars of a bygone era seem so tame and well…dare I say classy!  I really enjoyed reading about this era in American History and how it has shaped so much of pop culture today.  Way to go, Leslie!!!!  You hit one out of the park! 




3) Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life


This book is helping me so much with my eating!  You know how I was talking about getting back on track?  Well, this book is helping me A LOT.  It talks about how to really enjoy what you eat, and how not to use food to stuff down emotions (because – hello…emotional eater here!)  😉

I feel like this is one of those books I need to read a few times.  Ha!




4) Parallel


One of my very best friends from law school – the amazing Lauren – just had her first novel published by Harper Collins!  Yay Lauren!  You know those people who can host a dinner party, have a baby, and write a book…all at the same time?  Well, that’s Lauren!  She is amazing – and so of course she went and wrote a fabulous book!

This book is Science Fiction geared towards teens – just like some other popular book series you may have heard of (ahem…Harry Potter and The Hunger Games).

I love that it’s teen literature that doesn’t talk down to you!  Here’s what BookList said about it:

Abby never expected to be starring in a Hollywood blockbuster and dating a leading man on the night before her eighteenth birthday. She had always planned on a different path, one that included college. Well, she gets her wish: she wakes up in a dorm room at Yale, where it appears she has been for weeks. With the assistance of her friend Caitlin’s knowledge of parallel universe theory, and a helpful professor, Abby soon realizes that a cosmic shift has taken place. The narrative shuttles back and forth in both time and location between Abby and her “parallel,” leading Abby to discover that the smallest decisions can lead to drastically different paths. While the narrative jumps take some getting used to, Miller ably depicts Abby at different points on her journey, with complex side characters and a cleverly nuanced romantic triangle.


I’m so proud of you, Lauren – and I can’t wait to read your next novel, too!  🙂




5) Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children: Becoming a Mindful Parent


Do you ever feel like you need a breath of fresh air in your day?  Do your kids (even though you LOVE them to the moon and back) drive you a little bit bonkers occasionally?  Well – then this book is for you!  Seriously – LOVE IT!  I call it Buddhism-Lite because, well…it’s not like you’re going to go join a Monastery after reading this book.  But it is SO CALMING and gives great techniques for being a more gentle parent.

I have read this book in the past, and I am re-reading it now (skimming it) – just to refresh.  It helps me remember daily practices to stay mindful with my children and be present with them.  Is there any better gift we can give our children than staying present with them and being gentle with their sweet souls?


Tell me, which books are you reading?  Any good ones I should add to my list of must-reads?


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