Attitude of Gratitude – Thanksgiving 2016!

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Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  We did!  Evan finished Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week – and so he was home for most of the weekend.  Bliss!  He is working on a movie and The Bachelor – so his time home was short-lived, but it was great while it lasted. 🙂

We spent time together as a family.  We went to the park on Thanksgiving Day, and ordered in a traditional Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods.  We do that because the kids don’t like Thanksgiving foods and I don’t like to cook!  Haha.

No really, I do like to cook –  I just have other things I like to do a lot more. 🙂




This season of DWTS was really intense (they always are!) – so we were especially happy that Evan got the holiday weekend with us.  I told Ellie (21 months) that her daddy was coming home from work – and she ran to the window and waited for him like this.  I thought it was so cute!





Ellie wants to be JUST like her big sisters.  She looks up to them so much, especially Ginger.  She and Ginger are very close.Mostly because Ginger dotes on her, and loves to carry her around everywhere she goes.




Violet (5) and her doll she named “Fifi” – Violet wanted me to do their hair the same so they’d match. 🙂  She said then I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart!




Ginger (7) let me braid her hair (for once!) – she really likes to wear her hair wild, or “flat” as she calls it.  But this one time, she let me braid it, so I took a picture.  As you can see, Ellie had to be in the picture, and had to do just what Ginger was doing!  Ellie is Ginger’s copy-cat shadow, for sure!




They really are best friends.




This is us on Thanksgiving.  We went to the old school playground – and played a pretty intense game of basketball.  It was me and Paprika (10) against Evan, Violet (5) and Ginger (7).

Ellie (1) watched – and thankfully so, because it got very competitive!  Haha.  Anyhoo – after we were done, we took a family picture.  I know that we need to take a real family picture – otherwise, this is going on our Christmas card.

(Oh dear, do I really have to do Christmas cards?  Maybe I’ll save the postage and write a Happy Christmas blog post instead!)




Our Thanksgiving was very laid back.  We turned off our phones, laptops, etc. – and just spent time together.  Evan and I ended up watching The Crown on Netflix, and Ellie napped on the couch.  She was the only one who wanted to eat Thanksgiving dinner – so this is her after she ate her turkey (thanks, tryptophan!):




We went to the park a few times over the holiday weekend.  We didn’t go shopping or even do Cyber Monday – since we had our technology turned off.  It was very relaxing.

This was on Sunday when we went to fly kites.  We were so excited to see a real rainbow!




It stayed in the sky for a long time (hours)!




I can’t believe it’s almost December.  Time has been flying because I’ve been so focused on my author career (writing romance books under a pen name). I have been working very hard at that – which is why I’ve been blogging less.

I’ve also cut out all my social media (I deactivated Facebook) – and I’ve been focused/obsessed with my writing. I think for anyone else, it wouldn’t be considered obsession, but seeing as how I have very little free time, I make sure to use any extra time I have to write.  So, it just feels like I’m constantly focused on my writing – even though it’s only a few hours/day after everyone else goes to bed.

This week, I realized that I miss writing here on my blog so much! I’ve been slacking – and I think I need to write here more, because it makes me happy! I have been going through some up and down times lately – and whenever I write on my blog, it always makes me feel better.


Violet and Ellie snuggling on the couch:




Now that we’re nearing the Christmas holidays,I know the days will go by even faster! I’m going to stop and enjoy the children, and really savor this part in our lives. I enjoy the holidays quite a lot – they do not stress me out at all – and I think that’s because I give myself grace to not make everything perfect. I really try to make the season about joy, and not about obligation or living up to unrealistic expectations.

We focus on gratitude – and it goes a long way in making the holidays quite fun and memorable. All that really matters is being together, and the rest is just gravy.




The End.

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