Christmas 2016!

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We had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas. 🙂  As you know, I like to have a relaxed holiday.  I don’t like to be stressed or in a bad mood, or running around like a crazy person during the holidays. LOL!  I feel like every year, I figure out a little better how to accomplish that.

This year, I kept things very simple.  I did all my shopping online, ordered a pre-prepared Christmas dinner from the grocery store (Whole Foods), and did not send out Christmas cards!  I really do love sending out Christmas cards (and especially love receiving them) – but this year, I just didn’t have it in me to do the cards.

For Christmas presents, Evan and I waited until the last minute to wrap.  That was a big undertaking – but a good problem to have.  We always say we’ll wrap presents early, and then we always wait until the night before.  I guess it’s a tradition!

On Christmas morning, we had a leisurely breakfast with the girls.  Then we slowly opened gifts one by one.  It takes us a few hours to open presents because the girls want to ooh and ahhh over everything, and take their time to enjoy and play with each gift.




Ginger really wanted this Blythe doll for Christmas.  She has wanted it for many months, and was so happy when she got her.  She takes her Blythe doll everywhere with her!  Here is a little Wikipedia article about the Blythe doll – if you haven’t heard of them.




After we opened presents, I took Ellie (23 months), Ginger (7), and Paprika (10) on a nice, long Christmas Day walk around the neighborhood.




Paprika (10) was so excited about her gift from Ginger (7) – these are Spectra-specs.  If you’re familiar with Harry Potter – you’ll know why these are so cool! 🙂




Unwrapping gifts and opening stockings:




The girls have been sleeping by the Christmas tree.  I am usually writing my novels on the other end of this couch while they are asleep!




They usually say: Come to bed with me.  And I say:  Just wait here while I finish this chapter and then I’ll take you to bed…

And then I’ll look up five minutes later and they’re asleep!




Ellie (22 months) loved decorating the tree.  She really understood Christmas this year, and was so excited about every detail.  She only broke about six ornaments! Haha.







So, that was our simple Christmas.  I have to say – it was wonderful!  Every year I enjoy these girls more and more – I am learning how to let go and ENJOY them as individuals.  They really make my life so bright, and I am so grateful to be their mom each and every day.  They make every day feel like Christmas – truly…






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