Faster Than Lightning!

January 14, 2016 by

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Miss Ellie Belly is on the move! This week we spent a lot of time chasing her and playing with her. She is a FAST crawler now. She is curious and busy and into everything.  I love it.


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The weather was much improved this week – no more rain – so we played outside quite a bit. Our backyard lemon tree and avocado trees have gone wild – so there’s been lots of fresh guacamole and lemonade made by the girls. Violet (4) and Ginger (6) have been busy bees in the kitchen.


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Piano lessons were a bust this week. Mr. M was working late on The Bachelor – so I rushed across town to get the girls to their lessons in time. It turns out that their teacher was sick and nobody called us to tell us! Grrr! All that driving for nothing. Oh well – there’s always next week!


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We had a great week at gymnastics! On both days this week, there was only one other student in the girls’ classes – so they had a lot of individual attention from their coaches. They are working hard to make the Pre-Team…which is the team before the team. This gym is serious, I tell ya! 

If Ginger and Violet keep at it, they’ll probably start Pre-Team in the Fall, which will be an increase in hours. For right now, they’re enjoying their two days/week.  Their coach always comments on how much energy Violet has and how she never stops moving. Don’t I know it?!


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Miss Ellie Belly (11 months) is such a sweet, spunky girl. She understands everything – and she’s not afraid to let her opinions known.


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For homeschool work, the girls have been plugging away on their projects. Ginger and Paprika are racing ahead in Math – both completely on their own, self-motivated using Teaching Textbooks. Math for Ginger is absolutely effortless, and she’s 4 grade levels ahead of where she would be in school. Paprika is also 4 grade levels ahead, but she’d rather read a book any day of the week.

We’re having a lot of fun – just being laid back and spending time together.


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So that’s what’s going on in our little neck of the woods. 🙂  If you need me, I’ll be chasing after this trouble maker and loving every minute of it…



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The End.


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