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I’ve been posting a lot this week – so I thought I’d just do a few recent funny pictures for our Friday Wrap-Up!

The above picture is Ellie’s Halloween costume – she’s going as an Elephant because her nickname is Ellie Finn.  Get it? 😉


On Thursday, Paprika (9) skyped her Homeschool Spanish Tutor from Guatemala.  It’s supposed to be a “Private Lesson” – but that just doesn’t work in a house with curious younger sisters.  You can see Ginger (6) and Violet (3) eavesdropping in on her lesson.  They were trying to be sneaky – but it didn’t really work out!  Haha:
Little sisters peeking into Annika's Spanish lesson today.         We went to our friends’ beautiful birthday party for their daughter turning 8 years old!  I took the girls by myself since Mr. M was working on DWTS.  I was going to get a picture of all the girls together (Ellie was in the Ergo) when we arrived.  But, before I could take a picture, these three ran inside the party, leaving me and Ellie in the dust!  They were so excited, they were like:  No time for pictures, mom!       2015-10-16_01-18-33         Since Ellie (8 months) is sitting and crawling, we’re about to retire the Exersaucer, bouncy seat, and baby swing to the garage.  Sob!  Ginger thinks we should keep them inside forever – she said:  Look, I’ll still use them! 🙂        2015-10-16_12-50-08


After our trip to Barnes and Noble earlier this week, I decided to go ahead and buy Ginger (6) The Book with No Pictures.  She loves it so much and she laughs so hard every time she reads it!


upload            Whenever we get to gymnastics a little early, I try to take a picture of the girls all together.  This is right before we went inside – I LOVE Ellie’s rolls on her tummy.  How scrumptious are they?!      



This is inside gymnastics in the lobby.  I always laugh when I see the sign that says:  No Parents Beyond This Point.  Violation Fees Apply. Basically, it means you can’t ever walk out onto the floor where they practice.  Ever.  For any reason.  They are way serious about it.

I have to think that there’s a good reason for the sign – like some crazy gymnastics moms who went a little overboard.  Maybe not – but it makes me smile imagining it! LOL




Paprika (9) and Ginger (6) had piano lessons this week, of course!  We brought Violet (3) to see if she’s ready to start playing, and it ended up with her doing a headstand in the middle of lesson.  So, no – she’s not ready. 🙂  But it was funny, nonetheless!


upload       Ellie at the beach earlier this week when we did our Kelp Science Studies:      



And we had a REAL mermaid sighting!  Paprika has decided she wants to be a Professional Mermaid and an Author/Illustrator when she grows up!  I said she could be all those things now, too. 🙂


2015-10-10_11-38-12         Trying on Halloween Costumes at home.  Ginger (6) and Violet (3) haven’t quite decided what they’ll be for Halloween yet:      We haven't figured out what we're going to be for Halloween yet... :-)


So, that’s a few funny things that happened this week!  🙂  Paprika is going to finish 6th Grade Math on Saturday (yay!) – which is exciting.  I told her she could start 7th Grade Math the next day.  Then I told her I was kidding.  She could have Sunday off.  Haha!

Have a happy weekend!


The best thing about the first Halloween is that you get to pick out the costume. I picked out an elephant costume because 1) her name is Ellie Finn...say that three times fast, and 2) those legs! :-) #elliefinn  

The End.


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