Happy New Year! 2017 Edition

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Happy New Year! It’s back to reality tomorrow for our family – literally! Evan goes back to work on The Bachelor bright and early tomorrow morning (Tuesday). He’s been home from work off and on this past week, which has been great. I love having him around a little more – but television doesn’t really stop, even for the holidays. 🙂

We had a great little New Year’s Eve party here. Well, it was actually Evan’s birthday party – so we celebrated that, mostly!

The girls and I made a birthday cake:




Here’s the finished product. 🙂




A good time was had by all:





Did you make New Year’s resolutions? This year, I did not!

Remember how I said awhile back that I was going to wean Ellie (23 months)? Well, she had different ideas. Getting her to wean only made her want to nurse more, and it was miserable. She held her ground long enough that all the issues I was having subsided (like they always do…with time!) – and so I decided to keep nursing her until she’s ready to stop.

That means I have been nursing a child during every calendar year since 2006. 11 years! I figured I’ve made it this far – what’s a little more?! Haha. But it will be weird one day when all that stops and we move to a new phase of life. I know that’s just around the corner. It’s quite bittersweet.  I just wish I could soak up this stage of life forever:




Anyhoo – I hope your new year is off to a great start! 🙂 Will write more soon…



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