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On Tuesday, we took a little trip to the Los Angeles Science Center and The Rose Garden at Exposition Park in downtown LA!  Mr. M had his “weekend” (one day off work) on Tuesday – so it seemed like the perfect thing to do.  We went in the afternoon, so the field trips had already gone home, and we had the entire museum to ourselves!  Both the museum and the rose garden are free admission – so the price is always definitely right. 🙂



The girls are crazy about the aquatic exhibits at the museum.  So impressive!



I loved the huge tanks where you could see the sunlight streaming through the top.



It was almost like being underwater!



Paprika (9) is a huge fan of the touch tanks, and she knows more about all the creatures inside than any of the volunteers.  Seriously – she knows her stuff! If I have a question, I ask her! 🙂




They had this water lever/pulley device in the River section.  Mr. M and Paprika were having so much fun with it.  Then, I looked up and Ginger was (6) climbing a tree, of course!  That flower is NOT meant to be climbed on.  Oops!




Violet (3) loves all the exhibits – she had so much fun in this underwater tunnel.  Even though she’s just three years old, she learns right alongside her big sisters!



We went to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour!  We’ve been a few times to see it – including when it rolled through the streets of LA – and every time, we learn something new.  This is the Space Habitat that was marketed as an outer space living/research environment back in the 1980s:



The Space Shuttle is so huge – it takes up this whole hangar!




After the museum closed, we went to the Rose Garden until sunset!  The girls love to run and play hide and seek among the roses.  They smell all the roses and learn their names.  They play tag and chase each other through the rose mazes.  We are always the only people there when we  visit (how weird is that?!) We have this enormous, gorgeous rose garden all to ourselves.  It’s like something out of a dream!





Ginger (6) and Violet (3) played tag until they were out of breath!  They really are best friends:



Ellie was SO happy at the Science Center and in the Rose Garden.  She fell asleep for a bit at the museum, and then once we got out to look at the roses, she woke right up!



Me and Miss Ellie Belly (8 Months):



Mr. M and I met during our MFA programs at USC Film School, which is just across from this Rose Garden!  So here we are 15 years later, and this is life.  Happy memories then and now:




The End!


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