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Best iPad Apps to for Kids to Practice Handwriting. From a homeschool mom who has tried hundreds of apps!



Today I’m writing about our favorite Handwriting Apps for iPad!  We have tried MANY apps for handwriting…some great, some NOT so great!  😉


Here are our Five Most Favorite – the girls love them, and just as importantly…I love them!


#1:  LetterSchool:



Cost:  $2.99

Our favorite handwriting app is a fun one called Letter School.  My girls love tracing the letters and watching the imaginative animations.  It is our FAVORITE letter and handwriting app!

Kids practice essential skills as they play four exciting games per letter/number:

INTRO – discover the letter’s shape, name and sound
TAP – learn where to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dots
TRACE – learn the letter trajectory by tracing it
WRITE – test your knowledge by writing from memory

◆ how to write letters and numbers
◆ letter names and sounds
◆ uppercase and lowercase letters
◆ manuscript handwriting style
◆ count to 10
◆ fine motor skills
◆ eye-hand coordination
◆ the foundations of literacy and numeracy

✓ many awesome games with different learning approaches
✓ two challenging levels for twice the fun and twice the practice
✓ impressive free-form writing in advanced level
✓ highly effective visual and auditory feedback
✓ stunning graphics, exciting effects and sleek animations
✓ characters at maximum scale regardless of device orientation
✓ choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education
✓ scorekeeping: star-tokens and self-written characters in menu
✓ progress and settings stored for up to three players

Recommended for ages 3–7


#2:  iWriteWords (Handwriting Game):


My girls chose this game as a reward because of the cute giraffe!  I was so glad they did.  It gives my girls lots of handwriting practice – and they hardly realize that they are practicing their handwriting because they’re having so much fun!

Cost:  $2.99

How to play:
Help Mr. Crab collect the numbered balls by dragging him with your finger – and drawing the letter at the same time.
Once all the letters in the word are drawn properly, a cute drawing appears.
Slide the letters into the spinning hole and advance to the next level.

My Take:  This feels like a “game” but helps kids practice their letters over and over again.  What’s not to like?  It’s one of our favorites!


#3:  Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters:

writing wizard


Cost:  $2.99

This is another winner in the Handwriting Apps category.  It’s never a problem to get my girls to play this game – they love seeing what will happen when they trace the letters.


From the creator of award-winning educational apps, Writing Wizard is designed to help every child learn how to trace through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation. The app is fully customizable to suit every child’s needs, and lets you check their progress through a system of reports and profiles. You can even add your own word lists !

Check the YouTube demo :



Kids want to have fun, and Writing Wizard offers a lot of fun to keep them motivated in the learning process !

• They can trace using 26 animated stickers and sound effects
• Once tracing is complete, they can interact with them on 4 games that animate letters
• They can trace any word – like their name – as the app is customizable
• They can collect stars in 5-Stars play mode


• Detailed reports provide information on what kids have done, including the ability to replay and export the tracings to view kids’ progress
• Ability to create your own word lists (and record audio for each word)
• Multiple parameters to customize the app according to the child’s current education level (e.g. letter size, difficulty, show/hide model, allow to stop between key points, etc.)
• 3 most popular fonts (ZB, DN, HWT)
• Upper and lower case letters, numbers (and word lists)
• Letter sounds (which can be customized)
• A customizable 5-Stars play mode
• Unlimited Profiles



#4:  Cursive Touch and Write:



Cost:  $2.99

We are introducing Cursive into our homeschool, and this is an App that my girls LOVE to play!  You can “write” using pudding, shaving cream, and all sorts of other fun things.  Using this app taught my girls all their cursive letters – with almost no help from me!  It’s pretty frustration-free, in that even my four year old can use it.  Definite recommend!


✰Comes with 16 different writing textures: shaving cream, ketchup, lime gelatin, chocolate frosting, chalk, pencil, blue pen, lemon gelatin, chocolate pudding, syrup, grape jelly, whipped cream, pumpkin pie, red paint, and vanilla pudding!
✰Comes with 28 different writing papers, including 4 different line patterns children are most likely to find in real classrooms, food papers, animal papers, nature papers, and more!
✰Children can practice writing their own names and individualized word lists
✰Comes with the following word lists: ABC Countries of the World (and 1 City), 50 States, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, ABC Words, Palindromes, Alphabet Letters, Numbers – and of course you may add as many of your own lists as you like!
✰As children write, their actual letter formation is displayed next to a standard letter, so children can compare and work to improve their cursive
✰Brief reward at the end of each word reinforces learning and motivates children, without becoming a distraction


#5:  Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase:





Cost:  $6.99


From the makers of the popular program Handwriting Without Tears…comes Wet Dry Try!   I was hestiant to buy this app because of the higher price tag (it costs over twice what any of the other apps I mentioned cost).  But, because we love Handwriting Without Tears, I decided to give it a shot!

I love that my kids are learning the correct way to form letters.  This app is a little light on incentives, and my kids don’t BEG to play it the way they do the other apps.  For a child who is having problems with letter formation, this is a GREAT app.  I like having it in the mix, and it taught my preschooler how to form all her letters correctly.  We then used those skills to transfer over to writing on regular paper!


– A proven multisensory approach teaches children to write letters and numbers with correct habits and without reversals.

– Children can practice letters in any order they choose, or follow the HWT Order, which presents the letters in the proven Handwriting Without Tears® developmental teaching order.

– A personal coach helps children with friendly audio cues to learn formation steps and fix mistakes.

– Each letter has three levels of difficulty that build skills progressively. Master a level and win a star. Earn three stars and win a letter card. Collect them all to win the grand prize!

– The two options for sensitivity allow parents and educators to adjust the writing tolerance depending on each student’s needs.

– The smiley face and Slate Chalkboard frame promotes good handwriting and reading habits for capitals and numbers.

– The double lines, modeled after our Blackboard with Double Lines, make it easy to understand where lowercase letters start and end.


Hope this helps someone…goodness knows we went through a lot of Apps before we found some good ones that worked for us!  😉  Which Apps are you loving right now?


(I was NOT compensated for this post – I just love sharing my knowledge with other parents!)

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