Under The Sea Science – Kelp!

October 13, 2015 by

(Photo above: Paprika and Ginger at the beach this week)


This Week, for our Under The Sea Science Series, we are studying Kelp!

Of course – we are watching Mermaid Linden’s episode:  KELP with Mermaid Linden!



I updated the Under The Sea Science Pinterest Board with lots of great ideas and information about Kelp studies for Homeschool or Enrichment Science lessons. Please check out the Pinterest Board and follow along. 🙂



We went to the Los Angeles Science Center – where they have an amazing exhibit about Kelp. They have a Kelp Forest there – which was really great luck on my part! I had no idea it was even there until we showed up – I am sure I’ve seen the exhibit before, but I never noticed it until now. Funny how that works!




I also took the girls to the beach to study Kelp out in nature. Usually, there’s tons of kelp and algae washed up on our local beach. But this time, we went right after a huge clean-up.  So, there was NO kelp or anything at all on the beach for us to find.

So, that was a bust. But we still had fun!

I tried to get a picture of my foursome by the ocean. Seconds after I took this picture, a giant wave came and crashed into them, and carried them out to sea! Ellie (8 months) got completely soaked and covered in sand. And Violet (3) was too scared to go near the water the rest of the time we were there.  We had a good laugh after we dried ourselves and the shock wore off. 🙂



Baby Ellie LOVES the sand – so that’s good, at least…because we brought A LOT of sand home with us.



We even had ourselves a mermaid sighting! What are the chances?! 🙂



So, that’s a little of our Kelp-ing for this week!  This Science Series is as much fun for me as it is for the girls.  I love the freedom we have in homeschooling to explore science out in nature, and to gather all sorts of materials to learn about the natural world around us.  So fun!


The End.


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