Violet is 5!

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Miss Violet turned FIVE years old this week!  Oh my goodness, where is the time going?!

Violet is by far the easiest of the girls – always happy, sweet, smart, polite, funny, good natured, and positive.  She never throws a fit or a tantrum.  She eats a bunch of different types of foods (an oddity in our house) – and she even loves exotic cuisine!  She is creative, artistic, hardworking, a team player, athletic, smart as a whip, good at math, piano, violin, and reading!  I could go on.  (I am her mom – so I know I’m biased).

If I only had Violet, I would think I was the best mom in the whole world! LOL  For whatever reason, she is always sunny and a pure joy to be around.  I honestly know it’s just because she was born this way – I have raised her and her sisters the same (we’re together 24/7!) – and yet, they are all so very different!  (They’re all great – don’t get me wrong – I love them all.)

Violet’s only weaknesses are that she never met a piece of chocolate she didn’t like (a girl after my own heart)…and…that’s it!  She is very girly, and dramatic, too.  She’s also (so far) the only extrovert of the girls.  She really thrives on energy and attention.  I just love her to pieces.




Evan’s day off work this week was Tuesday, so we celebrated Violet’s birthday in a big way on that day.  And then on her actual birthday, her sisters and I took her to Barnes and Noble for her free cookie and reading time. 🙂

On Tuesday, we first swung by the Middle School so we could vote!  It was really wonderful taking the girls to vote.  I loved teaching them about the process.  The girls had been following the election so closely – including watching the debates – so they were very invested.

At the polling place:




The mood at our polling location was joyful and energetic.  Our neighborhood is very diverse – our immediate neighborhood is 55% Hispanic, 28% African American, 10% White (Non-Hispanic), 1% Native American, and 6% Asian.  (I just looked up the statistics to make sure – LOL)  So, very diverse.  Most people at our polling place were in great moods and were really excited about who they thought would win.  We were, too! 🙂

Getting ready to vote:




Happy after I voted.  Simpler times…  🙂




So – after voting, we headed out to Mulligan’s Family Fun Center.  It was a Tuesday – so it was extremely empty.  The girls drove go-karts and did other rides – and because there was hardly anyone there – they got to drive the go-karts for a long time for the price of one ride.

Ginger at first had an anxiety/panic attack when she got behind the wheel (as she does).  Evan was off with Paprika at the big go-karts, and I was holding Ellie outside the track watching.  I couldn’t get to her – and that was hard.  But, she recovered and ended up driving happily after that.

Evan and Paprika outside the big go-karts. Paprika (10) drove one by herself!:




I felt so bad for Ginger, because I couldn’t do anything!  But she recovered quickly and was able to drive…and drive…and drive.   The attendants were not telling them to stop because there was no one in line.  They let them drive until the point when I am pretty sure Ginger and Violet wanted to just stop already. LOL

After they were done driving the mini go-karts:




Paprika flying fast in her go-kart by herself:




Paprika and Evan driving together:




Playing Air Hockey:




Video-gaming in the arcade:




They played until sunset – which is about 4:45 now! Haha.




Ghost town:




Having fun:







They played the day away there – and then we headed home to eat some In ‘N Out (Violet’s birthday dinner choice).  We were going to have  relaxing night watching the election results (hahaha) – and at one point, I’d even thought about ordering a pizza because that’s how unstressed I was about it.  The election turned much differently than we’d thought – and I was sick by the end of the night.  I tried to put on a happy face for Violet, since the next day was her birthday.

Ginger (7) and I stayed up late after everyone else went to bed and we decorated the house and wrapped all of Violet’s presents together. Ginger had made Violet a bunch of decorations, cards, a birthday badge to wear, etc. She wanted to make sure Violet had the best birthday ever!

The card Ginger made for Violet:




This is the doll Ginger bought Violet with her savings – and you can see the Birthday Girl badge Ginger made for her (it’s on Violet’s dress):




The next day, I felt just awful.  I’d imagined that the girls would hear about our first female President when they woke up on Violet’s birthday.  And I had to break it to them that HRC did not win.  Paprika (10) took it very hard, and had a meltdown.  It was not fun.




By the afternoon, we rallied.  We went to Barnes and Noble for the free Kid’s Club Birthday Cookie (a free program you can sign up for online).  It’s one free cookie for the birthday girl – and then…everyone else is full-price! LOL!




We stayed for about two hours reading in the store – which was fun for the girls, but stressful for me because Ellie is SO independent and destructive! LOL.  She thinks she’s 25 years old and doesn’t want to hold anyone’s hand or be told what to do.  Ever.  She is a strong personality. 🙂




That night, we opened presents and Evan made his signature birthday cake for Violet.  She wanted chocolate cake with white icing – so that’s what they made.  Violet and Ginger both helped make the cake, so it was extra yummy.

Violet’s Cake:




Violet’s favorite gift she got was her very own American Girl doll.  She’s been wanting one for a long time.  Paprika has one – and then when Violet went to Dancing With The Stars last week, she went over to the American Girl doll store before the show (it’s right next to the lot where they film).  She fell in love with this one doll – so Evan went and bought it for her on his lunch hour.

She was thrilled and hasn’t parted from her since.  The doll looks JUST like her – and so she named the doll “Fifi”  😉




By the end of the night, everyone was exhausted. Ginger and Violet fell asleep as they always do – snuggled up together. Some things never change! 🙂




Happy Birthday, Violet!  You are an amazing person – and I am SO glad to know you, and I’m so honored to be your mom.  You make the lives of everyone you know better with your sweet spirit and your joyful energy.  You have taught me so much in these past five years, and I love you with all my heart.



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