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I missed last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  So, I’m going to post a few things here, and then hopefully a few more tomorrow.  These are mostly just moments I’d like to remember – funny details that happened during our week together.

Paprika (9) made this card for my friend, Devon, who is finishing Nursing School. I love Paprika’s cards – she always makes such cute, thoughtful ones:




Paprika on one of our evening walks around the neighborhood. We rarely get to take walks alone because Mr. M works so late, so we do the best we can. She really thrives on our mini-dates, and I cherish that one-on-one time with her.  She’s wearing my sweater, because it was chilly:




Mr. M took the three big girls – Paprika (9), Ginger (6), and Violet (4) to see Zootopia last night. 🙂 Paprika had been counting the days down on the calendar in anticipation of its opening. They went on a Tuesday evening because we didn’t want to deal with the crowds of opening weekend. It was a great choice. They still got to see it on the big screen – and they were the only ones in the theater!

I stayed home with Baby Ellie (13 months) – since I didn’t feel like paying a full adult fare for a baby. Yes, our LA theater charges full adult rates (not kid rates) for children under the age of 3!  Anyhoo – the girls were so excited to go with their Daddy and have a little date with him. We brought our own water cups because popcorn makes you thirsty and the water cups they give you at the theater are so teeny tiny.

The girls posing in the lobby with the character figurines from the movie:




All in all, they had a great time! Paprika especially enjoyed the movie and hasn’t stopped talking about it since the moment they got home.  I’m going to take her back by herself in a few weeks when Mr. M has a day off work, so that she can see it again with just me.

Ginger (6) has been staying up late this week reading The Island of the Blue Dolphins. She picked it up on her own, and decided to read it after she finished The Call of the Wild. I didn’t say anything because if I say something, she will probably stop reading it. Haha!




Anyway – she’s really loving the book (she’s almost done with it) and has even started writing her own novel on the computer using Google Docs (free word processing program). I’ve read the first part of her novel, and I have to say it’s pretty darn good. Ginger writes in a very mature, interesting way.  This is Ginger exactly as she loves to be:  in her footed pajamas, with messy hair, eating a toasted hamburger bun, and doing something intellectual on her own, without any interference or help!  Lol.




She basically wants to write her book all the time now, and does NOT (absolutely NOT) want to start a typing program to teach her to type faster. 🙂  She knows what she wants, and when she makes up her mind, that’s the way it’s gotta be.  I can respect that.  She has an iron will which isn’t a bad thing.  It can be a frustrating thing as a parent, but I enjoy the fact that she will never be swayed by peer pressure.  You gotta look on the bright side…

In other news, Ginger (6) can climb the rope all the way up to the ceiling in gymnastics now, and Violet (4) is almost there, too! I remember when they started at our new gymnastics studio last Fall, they couldn’t climb up the rope very far at all. It’s amazing what a few months of dedicated practice will do!

In the lobby at gymnastics:



Today, we got our Yearly Progress Report Card for Piano. I took a picture of the Report Cards because I’m sure I will lose them, and I want to keep a record just to see how far the girls have come.

Paprika’s Report Card (age 9):



Ginger’s Report Card (age 6):




I love their piano teacher – and I know he has to say nice things, but it’s really good to hear them anyway! Haha.


I’ll be back with another post tomorrow.  Right now, I have to get back to writing my manuscripts. As I like to say to the girls: That book’s not going to write itself.  🙂


Mr. M and Baby Ellie Belly on the couch.  I didn’t post a picture of Ellie, so I’m sneaking one in here:

The End.

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